3 Affordable Stores for a Professional Wardrobe

I’m always growing and looking for ways to become a better version of myself. Currently, I am working on transforming my wardrobe. Right now, I have lots of skimpy dresses, torn jeans, and tight shirts (let me be clear, there is absolutely nothing wrong that and I will still continue to buy my freakum dresses), but when it’s time for a more elegant, upscale, or professional event, I have nothing to wear! Since I am trying to upgrade my lifestyle, it’s about time I upgrade my wardrobe to match.

So, how do you do that as a broke college student? First, always check for student discounts! Download the Unidays app or search the store website for a student discount code. Second, browse these three affordable stores I’m loving right now for all of my clothing needs.

1. H&M
This is my favorite store at the moment, hands down. In addition to their casual clothing, they have a wide selection of professional attire that is trendy and inexpensive. The price point is amazing. Just to put it in perspective, I recently bought two pairs of jeans, a dress, and a shirt for $40 dollars! You cannot beat that. They even have a rewards program now. I signed up for it in the store and got 20% off of my purchase! Of course, you can shop online, but I prefer to try things on in-store because there is an H&M near my apartment.

2. Boohoo
I just recently discovered this website. I stumbled across it when I was looking for a dress for the Barrister’s Ball, but bought something only recently for a wedding that I attended. I bought two dresses that were $33.30 total, and $42.29 after shipping. Check out their Suits & Separates section for fun business pieces. Since they are on the cheaper side, be sure to take extra care of them when you wear and wash!

3. Amazon
I love Amazon because you can search for exactly what you want and more than likely find a merchant selling exactly what you’re looking for. I prefer to shop online because of convenience and the ability to sort by price (“low to high” of course), but things get iffy with sizing. So be sure you know your measurements! Also, know what kind of material it is that your clothing is made of (does it stretch, is it breathable, etc.). Items get even cheaper if you use your LexisNexis research points to redeem Amazon gift cards. And if you have Prime Student, it allows you to get most things within 2 days, in addition to many other benefits (that most people like myself don’t use).

Transforming your wardrobe won’t happen overnight. Be patient and buy items here and there. Look for classic pieces that won’t go out of style, and then venture outside of the box for statement pieces. Happy shopping!

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