Practicing Self-Love As A Law Student

In the spirit of Valentine’s day and all things love, I thought it important to find time to reflect on ways that I can show myself some love. It’s easy to neglect yourself in the midst of reading cases, writing memos, and applying to scholarships and internships. Self-love is something that you have to be mindful of and practice, especially in an environment as demanding as law school. Here are three things you can do to show yourself some love. 

Don’t Be So Hard on Yourself 
You’ve gotten this far which means you have what it takes to finish! We all have moments when we don’t perform as well as we would have liked. Don’t beat yourself up about it! Forgive yourself and do better next time. Speak words of affirmation and congratulate yourself on your accomplishments, no matter how small! Your mindset is key. 

Just Say no 
It’s okay to say no – to family, friends, and coworkers… even school if you need to take a mental health day! Things can and will get overwhelming. Don’t overexert yourself trying to please everyone. Some people might get upset, but if they love and value you they will understand. (Use absences wisely – preferably only in cases of emergencies – because they are limited, and make sure someone can give you notes and/or the assignment for that day.) 

Do Something Relaxing 
Stress is the silent killer. Identify what stresses you and if you can’t eliminate that stressor, learn how to manage it. Find ways to decompress, like doing yoga, going to the beach, or taking a walk. During orientation, we were taught that deep breathing exercises can help reduce stress too. Whatever method you choose, take a break to do it every now and then so that you don’t get burned out. Literally, don’t forget to breath. 

As a second semester law student, I’ve quickly learned that loving yourself is of the utmost importance for your overall well-being – which is why I’ll be treating myself to a massage this weekend. What are some ways that you love on yourself?

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