6 Goals for Spring 2019

What’s a new year without resolutions? Now that I have a semester of law school under my belt, I know what areas I need to improve in. I decided to set goals per semester rather than all of them at the outset of the year so that they are easier to work towards. Here are my goals for the spring 2019 semester that I am so eager to achieve!

Attend more networking events
In my experience, the secret to success is relationship building. Not only with prominent figures in your field and the community, but with peers as well! Especially the ones who have been in your shoes already; 2 and 3L’s can offer invaluable info, tips, and resources to make life easier. There are endless opportunities at networking events, from internships to finding a study partner. And don’t forget the free food. 🙂

Spend more time studying
This past semester I put most of my energy in attempting to keep up with the readings and very little into reviewing what I had learned. Even though I had a set study schedule, I never stuck to it. It was overwhelming because I didn’t build in enough breaks. This year, I’m going to make a more realistic study schedule and stick to it.

Speak up more/Be more prepared for class
I don’t want to wait for the professor to find my name on the roll. I want to actively participate in class discussions to see if I’m grasping the concepts as I should. About halfway through the semester I was burned out. I got lazy with my assignments. I started to book brief, which is more time-efficient, but I wasn’t getting a good grasp of the info like I would when I took the time to case brief. So, I’m going to begin briefing my cases for class again.

Visit my professors’ office hours
I visited three of my professors this semester. Two of the visits were mandatory, and I have yet to see my advisor. That’s horrible; not only because they try to make themselves so available to us, but because I know that they have a wealth of knowledge and additional resources to offer.

Take Better Care of Myself
This semester took a toll on my health. I gained weight like people said I would. I had a headache more often than not. And overall, I just generally felt unwell. So I made it a point to go to the doctor over the break to make sure I’m in good shape. Everything looks great, but the doctor suggested that I change my diet and try not to stress so much! So, that’s what I’m going to do, as well as be more consistent with taking vitamins.

Grow Spiritually
This will forever be a goal. I am most fulfilled, worry-free, and successful when I am close to my Lord and savior Jesus Christ. I hope to be a better servant each and every year.

What are your goals for 2019? Let’s hold each other accountable!

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