1L School Supply List: 20 Things You Should Have

This may seem like a no-brainer, but I was totally clueless as to what I would need for school. I felt anxious about everything, especially about being prepared. So, here is a suggested list of 20 things that you’ll most likely want or need in law school (and graduate/professional school in general)! 

  1. Pens– Of course. For note taking and whatever else your heart desires. Mine have to be Pentel Energel.
  2. Pencils– For scantrons! Because who writes in pencil otherwise?!
  3. Felt Tip Pens– I personally don’t use these, but if you’re a visual learner and like things color coordinated, these are for you.
  4. Highlighters– A MUST. You will read through so much dense information, but not everything will be important. #dicta
  5. 5 Subject Notebook- For note-taking and possible assignments. 
  6. Binders– I have a different binder for each class.
  7. Folders– I don’t use folders because I’m not that organized, and it’s just another thing for me to have to carry. But they’ll be helpful for papers you don’t really know what to do with, but know you shouldn’t throw away.
  8. Hole Puncher– For papers that your professors hand out and documents you may print.
  9. Stapler– For obvious reasons.
  10. Tabs– To tab pages in your books for quick and easy access.
  11. White out– Mistakes happen.
  12. Index Cards– For study purposes. 
  13. White Board– Also for study purposes. 
  14. Dry Erase Markers– For your white board needs. Your prof. may also ask for one occasionally 🙂 
  15. Planner– My former supervisor gifted me the cutest mint and gold planner that I don’t even want to write in because it’s so cute. I wish I knew where she got it!
  16. Book rest– You’re going to be reading hundreds of cases, thousands of pages. Do your neck a favor and get a book stand so that you can read at eye level.
  17. Printer– Not necessary if your school has printing services, but definitely helpful when you’re in a crunch.
  18. Earplugs– For use in the library, during exams (if permitted), and when you have an obnoxious upstairs neighbor. 
  19. Water bottle– Stay hydrated out here! You will have long days (and nights). Some profs. may not allow eating and/or drinking in class though!
  20. Bookbag/Wheeled Tote– Do not underestimate the weight of those books and overestimate the power of your back. They are heavy!

Honorable mention: Laptop- Hopefully you already have one from undergrad or a graduate program. You’ll need it for note-taking if computers are allowed in that class. Some profs. are old school and only allow you to handwrite notes. You’ll also use it for writing papers, and essays during your exams. Side note: Make sure your laptop is compatible with whatever program your school uses to administer exams. Ours is Examplify/Examsoft and my friend’s Chromebook didn’t work, so he had to buy a whole new laptop!

Law student friends, what are some other items that you must have?

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